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May 04, 2016
Everyone in St. Charles County knows that banning red-light cameras has been one of my deepest passions; however, many may not know that I've spent tens of thousands of my own dollars to see it through - luckily roughly 73% of St.

Feb 04, 2016
Americans have embraced the super heroes of popular culture since Superman first appeared in 1933 . . Political pundits have attempted to explain the rise and dominance of Donald Trump . . .

Dec 04, 2014
Allows users to specifically like a pair of shoes their friend is wearing in a photo, comment on a pretty backdrop, or draw attention to a previously unnoticed photo bomber . . .

Aug 12, 2014
"If St. Charles County Missouri voters support the county-wide red-light camera ban it will send a powerful message to our elected Representatives and Senators that a statewide ban is needed,"

May 08, 2014
St. Charles County Missouri Law Firm Carter Law Offices, LLC mailed thousands of letters to St. Charles County citizens and announced its support for St.

Aug 01, 2012
Carter points out that Missouri's independent-style voters do not want to hear "liberal" and "conservative" garbage talk. That's why he is campaigning on a pledge to treat the Missouri Lt. Governor's office like the part-time position it is . . .

Jul 20, 2012
"I want to let folks know to look for my name at the bottom of their ballots when in the voting booth. All the candidates' names are so similar that being at the bottom of the ballot is a huge factor," said Carter.

Jul 10, 2012
Much the same as trips to the East Side, traveling across the state giving out fake awards costs money. But, typically when someone Heads East (as they say in St. Louis metro area) they pay their own way. The Lt. Governor Spends Tax Payer Money Well

Jul 09, 2012
"Much the same as no one politically speaking wants to deny poor people health care in light of the latest Obama Care discourse, no one politically speaking thinks that people should be out driving drunk," said Carter.

Jul 02, 2012
. . hold the debate 1800s-style at Missouri's first state capitol building in St Charles Missouri . . I'd like to see the 'bold and the beautiful' sweat out a debate there with no A/C . . let's see if any REAL politicians left in 2012 Missouri . . .

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