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Oct 01, 2019
IRAK signalling is crucial for protective immunity against specific bacteria. Threonine345 is the main prototypical phosphoresidue required for the activity of IRAK4. AbboMax offers anti-IRAK4(pT345) antibody

Jul 01, 2019
AbboMax, Inc. introduces four anti-LRP5 and LRP6 antibodies. Wnt signaling is central to bone development and skeletal homeostasis. LRP5 and LRP6 are the key components of the co-receptor group that is involved in Wnt pathway.

Jun 10, 2019
Malignant tumors are the primary cause of mortality worldwide. An important part of basic research is characterization of the potential mechanisms of carcinogenesis.

May 07, 2019
A panel of PINK1 and Parkin antibodies was developed at Abbomax to investigate Parkinson's disease (PD). These phosphospecific and paired antibodies would be the useful tools for studies of PINK/Parkin pathways and signaling in PD.

Apr 05, 2019
AbboMax, Inc offers a portfolio of over 70 anti-CD antibodies. Some of these antibodies have proven to be essential for biomedical research, as well as in biotechnology.

Nov 06, 2013
Phosphorylation plays critical roles in the regulation of many cellular processes. It turns many protein enzymes on and off, thereby altering their function and activity. AbboMax, Inc. has developed over 140 phosphospecific antibodies.

Oct 15, 2013
Liposomes are artificially-prepared vesicles that are made out of the same material as a cell membrane, a lipid bilayer, used as vehicles for drug delivery. AbboMax offers innovative liposome reagents with a large number of lipid compositions.

Aug 01, 2011
Desmogleins are members of the desmosomal cadherins that provide adhesive integrity to desmosomes between adjoining keratinocytes. Desmoglein 3 is autoantigen of the autoimmune disease pemphigus vulgaris, and plays role in squamous cell cancer.

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