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Mar 30, 2023
The Jacksonville Chapter of NAACP requests the Board to issue a travel advisory to the Sunshine State. They say that the laws and policies of Gov. Ron DeSantis are harsh and repressive.

Mar 29, 2023
By AliveAdvisor Media After huddling at an annual 3-day retreat in Baltimore, House Democrats, from progressives to moderates, from every corner of the party say they'll support President Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

Mar 26, 2023
By AliveAdvisor Media Imperato says, "We are here to cherish the concepts of Unity, Freedom, America, Blessings, Liberty, and Justice, as laid down by our founding fathers.

Mar 25, 2023
Revealed - 'Chief Justice John Roberts's wife has been getting paid millions of dollars by corporations with cases before the court.' Another day, another damning revelation about the U.S. Supreme Court's utter lack of ethics.

Mar 21, 2023
The Former South Carolina Governor and United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley announced her candidacy for President recently. This is the first major challenge to Former President Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination.

Mar 17, 2023
What does it take to be the US President? One, for sure, is his past achievements, accomplishments, and accolades that are written in stone. His knowledge, wisdom, and strength should reflect and approve what he claims to be true.

Mar 14, 2023
Mitt Romney, the Republican Senator from Utah says - "Former President Donald Trump is best-positioned to be the Republican Presidential nominee in 2024." He expresses that the only way to stop him is to ultimately shrink the field to a one-on-one...

Mar 12, 2023
Trump Points Fingers At Joe Biden Former President Donald Trump made a campaign stop in East Palestine, used the aftermath of a train derailment and toxic chemical spill to take potshots at the President and the handling of the crisis.

Mar 11, 2023
Donald Trump says "For seven years, from the day I came down from the escalator in Trump Tower, the Democrat Party has WEAPONIZED the 'Legal' System, using City, State, and Federal Law Enforcement against me and the Republican Party as though they were a.

Mar 10, 2023
Biden supported campaign finance reforms including the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act. Alongside overturning the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement (Citizens United) Act.

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