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Beijing Shennong Agribusiness Consulting Co. Ltd Press releases

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Jul 29, 2010
This report summarizes characteristics of China's Rice, Corn, Wheat and Barley Market in 2009 by analyzing the Production, Consumption, Import and Export situations and the growing cost-benefit and policy factors of China's grain in recent years.

Jul 29, 2010
The report will analysis the changes in N-fertilizer, the P-fertilizer, the k-fertilizer and the complex fertilizer in 2009 according to the policies related to fertilizer industry and the supply-demand, the import and export, etc. in 2009.

Jul 29, 2010
There are clear views, detailed and accurate data in this report. We forecast the market in 2010 based on analysis of China live hog, layer and broiler market developments and change characteristics in 2009.

Jul 28, 2010
For those caring about China’s feed and livestock industry, this report offers systemic, comprehensive accurate and valuable references.

Jul 28, 2010
This report is a synthetic market report fully reflecting the development of China’s ternary compound fertilizer industry.

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