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Feb 22, 2015
New Zealand expert in medication-free recovery for debilitating health conditions still deemed 'incurable or untreatable' by medical doctors to speak at health festival in Brisbane this week.

Feb 18, 2015
Could the fact that 90% of births in the USA are traumatic affect humanity's ability to experience peace? Could Peace on Earth begin at Birth? Elena Tonetti, Director of the award winning film 'Birth as we know it', says yes.

Oct 30, 2014
How is such transformation possible when most doctors and specialists still say they don't know what causes fibromyalgia and can only help patients at best to ‘manage symptoms’? Mickel Therapy has had the answers for over a decade...

Aug 18, 2014
Free Public Talks on how to recover from illnesses deemed unfathomable and untreatable by even the best doctors and specialists

Apr 18, 2014
Where most health professionals remain baffled by these illnesses, Mickel Therapy says it has the answers.

Feb 13, 2014
Revolutionary medication-free treatment - helping thousands to recover from 'incurable' Chronic Illness - comes to Australia

Nov 27, 2013
Yuan Gong, a new Qigong system for 21st century man, launched in Christchurch November 2013

Jul 19, 2013
Health therapist, nominated for New Zealand Woman of the Year for ‘innovation and contribution to health and science’, assists people to recover from chronic illnesses deemed incomprehensible, and in some cases incurable, by many doctors.

Aug 29, 2012
‘Time doesn’t exist and the future has already happened’ – so says Dr Manjir Samantha Laughton, the UK’s ‘Punk Scientist’. Whilst we experience time moving forward in a linear fashion in this dimension, elsewhere it is moving backwards.

Aug 23, 2012
The scope of the GCMS includes the establishment of a worldwide network of sensing stations for determining to what extent the earth’s magnetic field is affected by and can predict earthquakes, volcanic eruptions & other planetary energetic events

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