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Jul 07, 2021
One week follows another: too fast, too high, the price of major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and etherum has fallen sharply in recent weeks, struggling to find solid support to stabilize (before a hypothetical new race).

Jun 08, 2021
The recent crypto bloodbath, swept away by the fall of bitcoin, shows once again the need not to bet everything on the queen of cryptos and diversify.

May 10, 2021
Bitcoin's rally appears to be running out of steam, at least for now.

Apr 06, 2021
While the main cryptos, often pegged to the bitcoin price, continue to experience swings that keep many people awake at night, continue to achieve a performance that is not only steady for years but steadily increasing (8.64% for march).

Mar 09, 2021
In a context of high volatility, recorded a new historical performance of 8.51%, fueled by the market and the progressive learning process operated by their system, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Feb 23, 2021
Like many players in the crypto field, announce the upcoming end of support for Monero as a payment method.

Feb 16, 2021 ended January with a performance of 8.39%, in line with the annual objective of more than 150% return. It was much more interesting to invest with for the last two years than to keep your Bitcoins.

Jan 12, 2021
While Bitcoin surpassed its historical highs (so called ATH), the altcoins were more chaotic at the end of the year.

Dec 02, 2020
Against a backdrop of an almost generalized increase of cryptocurrencies, the automated arbitrage trading platform achieved a performance of 8.37% in November, confirming the net annual target of 116%.

Nov 04, 2020
After several months with a monthly performance of more than 8 %, October was down slightly to 7.97 %; this exceptional drop in performance resulted from a significant upgrade of the trading platform, which impacted the business for several...

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