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Aug 08, 2022
SAG recognized actor Catherine Sewell's title; "Trade Secrets" is in production by DonnaInk Publications' Beat Deep Books for fall 2022 release.

May 04, 2022
Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell yǔ Capitol Records qiān yuē Faces of Rap Mothers Vocal Group, zhì zuò hé bō fàng tā men xìng gǎn , shuō chàng hè xī hā yǐng xiǎng , jīng diǎn fān pāi hé xīn zhì zuò de rè mén gē qǔ。

May 04, 2022
Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell signed Faces of Rap Mothers Vocal Group to Capitol Records to produce and air their sultry, rap and hip-hop influenced, classic remakes and newly produced hits.

Apr 25, 2022
Stretido por el caramelo Devore-Mitchell firmó caras del grupo vocal de madres rap a los registros de Capitolio para producir y transmitir su sensual, rap y hip-hop influenciados, remotos clásicos y éxitos recién producidos. . . .

Mar 20, 2022
Compañía de Cinematografía y Producción de Películas Las Caras de las Madres del Rap fusiona verticalmente los talentos de Candy DeVore-Mitchell (productora ejecutiva), Walter Franks (director y guionista) y Omar Gooding (actor y productor)

Feb 09, 2022
Filming has begun for the Faces of Rap Mothers Comedy featuring Candy Strother DeVore-Mitchell, Omar Gooding, and Director Walter Franks III.

Jun 18, 2021
Film and event director Nick Payne's story of traversing from Mississippi to Hollywood is releasing soon . . . this is the story of how a country son trans-versed the Deep South to his emergent career in Southern California entertainment.

Mar 31, 2021
Through their Beat Deep Books Imprint, DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. has signed actor and film producer, Nick Payne to release his autobiography, "Mississippi 2 Hollywood".

Sep 26, 2020
"Faces of Rap Mothers - Book Two," once more available after a two day - two image crossover after a total title redress during week of print production, with sincere apologies extended to the author and rap mothers Antonette Ames & Dianna Boss.

Sep 01, 2020
Beat Deep Books "just" completed Book Two of the "Faces of Rap Mothers" series and fine book retailers will have it available for purchase during the impending week.

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