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Mar 09, 2020
Carriers of the HLA-DR (human leukocyte antigen) gene are prone to develop chronic health issues involving systemic inflammation.

Mar 05, 2020
The new coronavirus, COVID-19, has the attention of the entire world. This virus has spread rapidly since the outbreak began in China in December 2019.

Feb 17, 2020
The CDC needs to reopen it's investigation and reconsider this as a serious public health concern.To put an end to these preventable deaths sign this petition to for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Dec 02, 2019
Unfortunately, mold in schools is not a rare finding at all, and to make matters worse, there are no set standards for indoor air quality in schools.

Nov 15, 2019
This is about a woman named Dorothy who fell ill due to mold in her home and was scammed by a remediation company.

Oct 07, 2019
What exactly is visual contrast sensitivity testing? What does it have to do with mold?

Oct 01, 2019
There is no single test for detecting mold illnesses in humans. Urine, blood, and even psychology tests have all been used in diagnosing an array of mold-related illnesses.

Sep 11, 2019
We get a lot of questions from people about their rights are when renting a home. One of the greatest benefits of renting instead of owning is being able to call a landlord when something goes wrong.

Sep 06, 2019
Chronic illness is at an all-time high with no signs of relief. Millions of Americans are stuck in a loop asking why do I feel this way? Is this normal? Why is the rest of my family not sick? Maybe this is all in my head like my doctors are saying?

Aug 22, 2019
Emerging proof of correlations between autism and environmental factors.

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