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RAPID Loyalty Measurement gives new Dimension to tired Net Promoter® Score (NPS)
Mar 03, 2011
Business Over Broadway announces the RAPID loyalty measurement approach, helping companies like Mob4Hire accelerate business growth by understanding three facets of customer loyalty: Retention, Advocacy and Purchasing.

Does Social Media Improve Customer Loyalty? Customer Feedback Programs Best Practices Survey
Sep 07, 2010
Business Over Broadway announces their survey on customer feedback programs best practices. Does the use of social media tools help companies better manage their customers and improve customer loyalty? Complete the survey and receive the free report.

Business Over Broadway and Mob4Hire Release Results of Global Wireless Satisfaction Survey
Mar 18, 2010
Business Over Broadway and Mob4Hire’s 111 country ‘Global Wireless Satisfaction Survey’ reveals the importance of mobile apps on the wider ecosystem. 75% of respondents say mobile apps are important when choosing their new network operator.

Customer Feedback Programs Best Practices Award
Aug 31, 2009
Business Over Broadway announces the Customer Feedback Programs Award. The award is designed to honor and recognize companies who demonstrate best practices in their customer feedback program. Nominations accepted through December 18, 2009.

Beyond the Ultimate Question: Customer Feedback Programs Workshop
Aug 24, 2009
Business Over Broadway announces Customer Feedback Programs Workshop to be held in Seattle on October 29, 2009. Attend this one-day workshop and learn how successful companies like Oracle and Akamai have designed their programs.

Beyond the Ultimate Question: New Book Challenges the Net Promoter Score
Aug 17, 2009
Challenging the NPS claims, Bob E. Hayes, Ph.D. publishes a new book, Beyond the Ultimate Question, showing that companies, to increase business growth, need to improve how they measure customer loyalty and structure their customer feedback program.