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Feb 07, 2011
Legendary Producer/Engineer Kyle Lehning and Sons Jason, Jordan and Eric Greatly Enhance Both Dynaudio M3 Mains and ATC SCM 20 Near Fields with CTD’s Proprietary Monitor Tuning Protocol at Their Personal Studio, The Compound

Feb 07, 2011
— Ryman Auditorium Chooses Carl Tatz Design’s Highly Praised Monitor Tuning Enhancement Protocol For Critical Broadcast And Concert Recording Events —

Feb 07, 2011
— The Grand Ole Opry House Installs Carl Tatz Design’s PhantomFocus™ System Using Genelec 8050A Monitors — — Iconic Country Music Venue Comes Back Strong After Nashville Flood, Receiving Praise for Dramatic Tuned Monitor System —

Feb 07, 2011
— Leading Acoustic Design Firm Chosen to Display Multiple Examples of Their High Performance Home Screening Rooms —

Feb 07, 2011
— Turnkey Monitor Tuning Protocol Provides World Class Performance Even in Nightmare Acoustic Environments —

Dec 14, 2009
Home Studio Owners Can Now Have World Class Monitoring With Carl Tatz Design's PhantomFocus System Tuning Protocol

Aug 01, 2009
Top Studio Designer Recommends Auralex Products for High-Profile Projects

Aug 01, 2009
Super Group Rascal Flats and other Nashville music business professionals trust Carl Tatz Design to incorporate Argosy Dual 15 and Dual 15K workstations and Spire rack enclosures in their studio designs.

Jun 19, 2009
Listening room designer Carl Tatz uses his professional audio background to wow clients.

Jun 18, 2009
High performance home screening room / dedicated listening room designed to perfection for Malibu entertainment industry professional by Carl Tatz Design of Nashville.

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