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Federal Primary Election Update From Chance For President
Nov 29, 2020
Elections are rigged, politics are filled with scandals, and everyone thinks they've got it all figured out. The facts are that no one knows the whole story, and the ones that do aren't telling anyone for fear of getting caught red—handed.

Chance For President Keeps Up The Pressure
Oct 09, 2020
Chance Trahan Spills Truth All Over The Place And Pushes Incumbents Back Into Hiding

Chance Trahan Calls Out Incumbent Cowards Repeatedly Committing Election Interference
Oct 07, 2020
The Presidential Election Of The United States Game Is Far From Over

A Voter Writes A Testimony About Chance For President
Sep 03, 2020
Chance Trahan Is The Future: I Vote For America - I Vote For Chance Trahan

Chance For President Is The Most Plagiarized Campaign Of All Time
Sep 02, 2020
Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan Discusses His Faith In God

Chance For President Candidate Chance Trahan Addresses A Veteran's Concerns Over Government Lockdown
Aug 22, 2020
Chance Trahan Issues A Statement To Let All Veterans Know That He Stands By Them In A Potential Oncoming Revolutionary War Against The Corrupt Deep State Government

Chance Trahan Discusses His Chances At Becoming President
Aug 05, 2020
Will Chance Trahan Be Able To Beat Donald Trump For President

Chance For President Candidate Chance Trahan Discusses Why People Are Protesting In Portland
Jul 23, 2020
The Irony Behind The Portland Protests Will Leave You Wondering Why More Protestors Haven't Landed Themselves In Jail

The Truth About The Portland Protests Revealed By Chance For President Candidate Chance Trahan
Jul 22, 2020
What Happens During A Black Lives Matter Peaceful Protest Just Might Shock You

Does Kanye West Really Have A Chance At Being President
Jul 07, 2020
Does A Scientologist Really Have A Chance At Being President

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