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Nonpartisan Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan Calls President Trump A Liar
Jun 04, 2020
Is Donald Trump Guilty Of Jailing People Who Disagree With Him

Chance Trahan Questions Donald Trump's Inaction
May 19, 2020
Incumbent Donald Trump Seems To Have Questionable Motives That Spark Nonpartisan Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan's Curiosity

Why Didn't Corporal Hamill Thoroughly Investigate Chance Trahan
May 10, 2020
Chance Trahan Went To Jail For A Crime He Didn't Commit And Is Facing Sexual Battery Charges That Could Have Him Be Forced To Become A Registered Sex Offender

Why Is Chance Bradford Trahan Running For US President
May 07, 2020
Why Is Ashley Lynn Moore Of Tempe Arizona Stalking Chance Trahan for President

Why Are New Source Websites Burying 'Chance For President' With Articles About Joe Biden
May 03, 2020
What Do News Sources Have Against Chance For President And Why Would They Want To Bury The Search Term With A less Qualified Presidential Candidate

My Name Is Chance Trahan And I'm Trump's Biggest Secret
May 03, 2020
Huntington Beach And Laguna Beach Protests Yield Chance Trahan's Presidential Campaign Tons Of Support

Chance Trahan Points Out That Donald Trump's Ego Is Writing Checks That His Body Can't Cash
May 01, 2020
Turns Out That The Insane Globalist Incumbents Have Been Trying The Same Thing Over And Over Again And Expecting Different Results Every Single Time

Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan Took The World By Storm
Apr 30, 2020
Why Is The Whole World In A Panic About Chance Trahan's Nonpartisan Presidential Campaign

Chance Trahan Started The Impeachment Process To Rid California Of Negligent Governor Gavin Newsom
Apr 29, 2020
Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom Spends More Money Fighting Nonpartisan Presidential Candidate Chance Trahan Than He Does On Doing His Job And Earned Himself A Petition To Start His Impeachment

Coronavirus Survivor Chance Trahan For President Takes A Stab At Incumbent President Donald Trump
Apr 22, 2020
Donald Trump and Chance Trahan Are At Odds And Everyone Watching Is On The Edge Of Their Seats

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