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Why Only Public Transit Issues in Toronto's Transit City Plan, Peter CLARKE
Sep 26, 2010
Peter CLARKE a candidate for Toronto's, North York, Willowdale Ward 23 is questioning why the daily commuting needs of the 1 million plus private and commercial motoring public have not been included in the citys political transit city plan?

Spending Cuts of 3% to 5% Necessary to Ensure Fiscal Responsibility Due to Labour Contracts, CLARKE
Sep 17, 2010
Spending cuts of 3% to 5% as a result of Toronto's previously negotiated labour contracts and incumbent councillors chronic spending habits could be require with the 2011 citys budget process for council to reverse the current fiscal problems, CLARKE

Salary, Expenses and Severance Benefit Cuts, First Order of Business, Peter Clarke
Sep 16, 2010
We who seek a public service position as councillor must lead by example and not by introducing new rules, regulations and bylaws. First order of business must be to reduce our own salaries and expenses by 24% over the current 4 year term of office.

Freezing Property Taxes, Road Tolls NOT Short or Long Term Solution for Toronto’s Fiscal Crisis
Sep 11, 2010
Why not less government intervention in all aspects of our lives. No more claims that new bylaws,regulations or new programs will solve everything and restrict our lives by telling us what to eat, drink and how to cook and all on the taxpayers dime

Peter CLARKE, Proud, Strong, Determined, Our City, Your Vote, Our Future Together Begins October 25
Sep 08, 2010
Willowdale ward 23 voters in North York, Toronto have a clear choice on October 25. They can endorse a new platform of Controlled Spending, Openness and Transparency or continue with Borrow, Spend and New Tax Policies of 25 years by the incumbent.

Toronto Voters Asking for Spending Cut Proposals from Candidates, Not Name Calling Debates, Clarke
Sep 03, 2010
so called debates for our city Mayor or Councillors have been candidate discussion meetings boiled down to name calling, personal slander attacks and attempts of character assassination with no proposals for spending cuts and other cost savings.

Councillors Re Define Public Service to Publicly Funded Political Benefits and Pensions, Clarke
Aug 31, 2010
Political welfare bums, comfortably sitting around city hall for the past 12 to 30 years on the peoples dime continue taking advantage of taxpayers even after they are defeated at the polls by giving themselves a full years salary of $122,845 each.

One Transit Authority for GTA from Oshawa to Hamilton and Out of the Control of Toronto Councils.
Aug 28, 2010
TTC urgently needs to be taken out of the control of Toronto council and combined with one new transit authority that encompasses the needs of commuters from Oshawa on the east to Hamilton to the west and harmonized with the operations of Go Trains.

Toronto’s Integrity Commissioner in Contempt of the Voters, Peter CLARKE ?
Aug 22, 2010
“All People are created equal and equally imperfect,” Peter CLARKE 2010

Toronto Media Bias and Stone Throwing Attempts at One Mayoralty Candidate Unethical, Peter CLARKE
Aug 21, 2010
As humans we are all equal and equally imperfect yet out of touch media barons like Washington bureaucrats have come out in black ink with their new commandments for non establishment citizens seeking the mayor’s position.

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