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Toronto Could Raise MILLIONS by Selling Air Rights For Development Rights $400 to $600 PSF, CLARKE
Jun 24, 2010
The city and houses of worship could raise new revenues for transit, community outreach and charitable programs while the developers would get to construct taller buildings and have more units to sell by the sale of air rights to developers

Toronto’s $1 Billion Operating and Infrastructure Deficit Result of Failed Policies by Incumbents
Jun 23, 2010
Toronto accounts for 40% of Ontario’s GDP yet has a fiscal crisis caused by chronic spending increases of 4 times over 6 years to $8.7 Billion Dollars while incumbent councillors gave themselves a 12% salary raise over the next four years PLUS...

Toronto's Awash in Duplication over Regulation of Services and Red Tape has Stymied Growth
Jun 22, 2010
3 levels of government regulations for building codes, fire codes, public health matters plus 200,000 city bylaws, red tape and ever increasing government control coupled with chronic spending, high taxes is bankrupting the city and its citizens.

Clarke Represents Free Enterprise, Smaller, Less Government and Individualism.
Jun 12, 2010
Toronto's 200,000 bylaws regulations and left leaning ideologies of 25 years have attempted to micro-managing personal choices and freedoms down to the level of a soft drink, french fry or salt when there are families that aren't eating must end..

Toronto Voters Want Accountability and Transparency With New Council Members Starting Oct 25, 2010
Jun 07, 2010
broken promises, miraculous discovery of $104.82 Million Dollars, Toronto Hydro’s deceptive conduct by voting to deceitfully increase electricity prices so it could hand over inflated payments to cash hungry and fiscally inept city of Toronto etc.

UN World Leaders and Media Shot Themselves in the Foot and Lost What Little Credibility They Claimed
Jun 04, 2010
USA, UN, so called word leaders shot themselves in the foot and lost what little credibility they claimed to represent by condemning only one side of the flotilla of bloodshed orchestrated by masked peace activists armed with steel clubs and knives.

Clarke Asks Ontario’s A.G. To Investigate Undeclared Conflicts by Board Members of Toronto Hydro
Jun 02, 2010
In my humble opinion, such deceitful and outright deceptive conduct by the Board of Toronto Hydro, Torontonians now require and demand an investigation into the activities of this city owned and run utility for undeclared conflicts of interests

Peter CLARKE Proposes that Toronto Councillors Self Given Golden Severance Package Be Rescinded
Jun 01, 2010
Clarke would rescind Toronto councillors self serving golden severance benefit package which represents a liability of over $5 MILLION dollars after they have been turfed by the voters to a maximum of 26 weeks in accordance with existing laws.

Clarke Proposes One Combined Transit Authority for the Toronto GTA Areas which Represents 25% of
May 30, 2010
With 25% of Canada’s population residing within the GTA, common sense should tell us that we must combine ALL the GTA areas under ONE transit authority which would represent 25% of Canada's entire population and the fastest growth areas.

Candidate CLARKE Proposes Bike Commuters Share Toronto’s Reserved Bus Lanes & HOV Corridors
May 16, 2010
within the city bus lanes and HOV corridors during rush hours should be available and restricted for cyclists, motor assisted bicycles along with scooters and motorcycles as presently exists. Cyclists would have to be licensed as are scooters etc.

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