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Wind Farms for Toronto Island but Not Scarborough Bluffs
Apr 27, 2010
In keeping with their tradition the outgoing Mayors Executive Committee along with incumbent councillors all ignored Scientific Evidence of 'Wind Turbine Syndrome' and other health problems related to wind farms and failed to seek a moratorium.

Media Have It Wrong It’s Not Transit but Chronic Spending is Most Pressing Issue Facing Voters
Apr 26, 2010
Taxpayers who have had to foot the bills because of incumbent councillors out of control chronic spending habits have another issue on October 25, 2010. Only in the minds of the media, is transit the most pressing issue facing Toronto voters..

Toronto Without a Rail or Subway Connection to International Airport, Not a World Class City.
Apr 24, 2010
In my limited knowledge of public transportation, the core of the issues is to move vast numbers of people within a city and around the city. Why anyone is even considering a northern expansion of the subway line when there is congestion in the core?

Leadership in Public Service is NOT Reminding the Community what one has Done but What One Will Do.
Apr 23, 2010
Torontonians should realize when incumbent councillors of 20 to 30 years with their hands in the public trough continue using taxpayer funds to tell us what they feel has been done for the community TIME for CHANGE is at hand on October 25, 2010.

Councillors Ignores 97% of Commuters Spends $600,000 in Support of Toronto Cyclists Union
Apr 21, 2010
Existing stats show that a majority 96.7% of workers residing in or around University Avenue in the down town areas either drive, walk, take public transit daily to get to work within that area and 3% at tops cycle to work.

Toronto’s Police Budget Needs Realistic Spending Cuts, Zero Based Budgeting in 2011.
Apr 20, 2010
Policing is only one of the core services of Toronto and a fundamental one but like all budget components of the city it must be based on realistic costing beginning in 2011 with a zero based budgeting process.

Toronto’s Board of Trade Fabricated Gridlock Allegation Statistical Sham?
Apr 19, 2010
Talk about a con game by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris, no less, as they DID NO RESEARCH to back up its statement that a 80 minute commute is a $5 Billion annual burden to the Canadian economy?

Legacy of Incumbent Councillors is Borrowing $436 Million for Grants of $240 Million.
Apr 17, 2010
All he and his gang of incumbent councillors have achieved is extend interest and debt payments from 10 to 35 years and pass interest and principle cost to our young people and their future families by burdening them with this debt.

Lies or Promises that Torontos Out Going Mayor and Incumbent Councillors Will Not Be Around To See
Apr 16, 2010
With councils first crack at this year’s 2010 operating budget the outgoing Mayor now states that "Toronto resident will never face a 12% tax hike." An outrageous statement by an outgoing Mayor to make. He will not be around for the 2011 budget. ..

Not A Case Against Toll Roads They Just Are Not the Right Solution for Toronto, The GTA or 401.
Apr 12, 2010
In 2008 Scotland abolished all toll roads and in the already bankrupt state of California its toll roads system is dysfunctional and is causing further traffic snarls, delays etc. Toll roads are not the answer for Toronto, motorists or businesses.

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