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Peter CLARKE Proposes Solution for Toronto's TTC Annual Funding Using Existing Taxes
Apr 10, 2010
A minimum of .05 cents per liter or .10 cents per litre of the current taxes for gasoline be allocated for Public Transit operating budgets up to a maximum of 20% of balance of existing gasoline and diesel taxes remaining for transportation purposes

Have Torontonians Gone Insane or Is It The Water We Are Drinking?
Apr 09, 2010
Torontonians along with their fellow GTA residents combined with the rest of Ontario’s population ALREADY have to pay a gas tax of 14.7 cents per liter at the pumps, plus a further federal gas tax of 30.1 cents per liter. Where is this Money Spent?

Toronto Officially Has Fiscal Irresponsibility Caused by Out of Control Spending and Programs.
Apr 08, 2010
Stating that “we will require monetization of city assets“, Weldon one of our Toronto’s supposedly top bureaucrats did not offer any other means and ways of rectifying this spending problem by incumbent councilors and the outgoing Mayor..

The Fundamental Responsibility of Toronto's Councillors
Apr 07, 2010
CLARKE an INDEPENDENT is NOT a CAREER Politician or supporter of any political party special interest group or lobbyists. Just your average candidate who once elected answerable only to the people NOT a political party or special interest groups.

Has an Environment of Left Leaning Ideologies of Political Correctness Morally Bankrupt Toronto?
Apr 07, 2010
A system fuelled by Greed of Self Serving Councillors and A Vocal Minority of Union and Non Union Civic Employees and Public, For More Benefits With Less Productivity Bankrupting Toronto. Lets here from the 85% to 90% of dedicated civic employees

Common Sense in 2010 or More of the Same Unsustainable Spending and Taxing by Incumbents ?
Apr 06, 2010
Since amalgamation Toronto councillors approved budgeted spending has increased 64.28%. Toronto Renters, Condo and Homeowners and Business people has your income increased 64.28% or even increased annually by twice the rate of inflation since 2003?

Toronto Council,The TTC, Management, Unions Out of Touch With Reality With little Regard for Public
Apr 03, 2010
Their outrageous practice of increasing spending at an average rate of 5.21% annually since 2003 over revenues which has continually been 1.9% ABOVE INFLATION RATES MUST COME TO AN END IN 2010.

Happy Passover Peaceful Good Friday and Healthy Holiday to All Who Celebrate Same In Their Personal
Apr 01, 2010
My wife Tatiana and I will be spending these next few days with her family and friends in Venezuela her native country, while we continue the seemingly endless wait for her immigration papers to be finalized for Canada.

Toronto’s Transportation Plans evaluated on Affordability and Community’s Willingness to pay
Mar 31, 2010
Any long term transportation plan for Toronto must recognize that while improvements to public transport, walking and cycling opportunities their cost must be evaluated in the context of affordability and the community’s willingness to pay.

Mandatory Voting Along With Internet Voting Proposed For Toronto Election
Mar 30, 2010
Voting should be declared a "civic duty" or an affirmative citizen obligation like in Australia. Voting is another democratic obligation the people have a requirement to do like jury duty compulsory schooling, driver’s licenses and paying our taxes