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Jul 01, 2013
A security issue has been identified in iOS's Personal Hotspot feature. commissum comments on the issue that could allow unauthorised users can gain access to internet sharing on an iPhone or iPad in a matter of seconds.

May 08, 2013
Information security firm commissum issues a warning to the public about the risk of becoming a “money mule”, unwittingly working for cyber-thieves.

Apr 04, 2013
A recently-discovered web exploit that can redirect users to malicious “phishing” pages has made it harder to stay safe when browsing the web, warns information security company...

Feb 12, 2013
The information security firm commissum has again sponsored a prize for the best student on the Open University course “Information Security Management”. The prize takes the form of a book token, and is awarded annually.

Jan 10, 2013
A photographer’s zoom lens caused an embarrassing data leak, stemming from a photograph of an advisor carrying a sensitive document in plain view. Information security company commissum comments on the implications for national cyber-security.

Dec 07, 2012
The Leveson report on press ethics has recently appeared. commissum, an Edinburgh-based information security consultancy, explores the implications of this report for mobile device security.

Nov 22, 2012
In the run-up to the Christmas season, the mobile gadget wars are escalating as retailers seek the maximum proportion of the lucrative gift market. But there are hidden risks to the security of mobile gadgets, which may get overlooked in the rush.

Oct 09, 2012
Information security firm commissum expresses concern about the fact that a group of criminal hackers has hacked into computers at more than fifty leading universities around the world.

Sep 10, 2012
commissum, an information security company based in Edinburgh, Scotland, warns of the implications of the recently-discovered Irish-language computer virus.

Aug 14, 2012
commissum, a specialist information security company based in Edinburgh, salutes "Control-Alt-Hack", a new initiative in cybersecurity awareness-raising and education.

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