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Feb 10, 2011
When you have bad credit nothing can be easy and even though you may like to think that getting a bad credit car loan is like getting a regular car loan the truth is that it is not.

Dec 14, 2010
If you are bankrupt or if you are someone who has suffered bankruptcy in the past, the road to securing approval for bad credit car loans would never be easy.

Dec 09, 2010
Car loans are very difficult to come by and get approved for. Hence, if you intend taking up a car loan, it is recommended that you should consider applying to multiple providers.

Dec 01, 2010
In order to stay ahead of their competition, businesses and companies keep on introducing new offers and discounts so that their turnover doesn’t get affected.

Nov 17, 2010
Seeing the rise in dealer-lender competition in the industry, most dealerships and lending institutions have started providing bad credit car loans so that they can increase their foothold and clientele.

Oct 20, 2010
A low credit score of an applicant tells a lender that he/she has faced some money management issues in the past and is a financial liability. This means that it could be difficult to recover money from them over a long time.

Jul 07, 2010
Car Financing refers to an incident where you seek external monetary assistance to purchase your own car in a case where you have limited funds or are just going through a financial sentry post.

Jul 06, 2010
The terms and conditions of most car loans is partly dependent on the kind of lender and the credit rating or report of the individual who intends taking up the car loan.

Jun 21, 2010
One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they don't really read though the car financing terms presented though them.

Jun 18, 2010
Many people lack adequate resources to buy a motor car. It is even harder to save over a long time in order to buy one.

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