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Feb 09, 2009
Lee Cuesta provides a quick guide for composing a timeless poem. “Your spouse or lover is always your Valentine, no matter what season it is,” he says. “My step-by-step sequence will guide you to your own poem that he or she will treasure.”

Dec 15, 2008
Lee Cuesta says: “In order to disarm most of SAD’s debilitating complications, here are some suggestions specifically intended for the holiday season. If you begin to implement them now, then your holidays might feel more fun.”

Nov 11, 2008
In time for the Christmas season, Lee Cuesta has reduced the price for his symbolic, cross-cultural “Divine Love” John 3:16 pendant. Quantity discounts are available for church groups and missions trips.

Oct 07, 2008
The authentic alternative to Halloween celebrates the actual day, in 1517, when Martin Luther posted his 95 theses in Wittenberg, Germany. Lee Cuesta has published an online how-to article to help families celebrate Reformation Day on October 31.

Oct 07, 2008
National Fire Prevention Month is this month, and Lee Cuesta has published an online how-to article aimed at preventing a danger that is both common and preventable: chimney fires. Cuesta’s article enables readers to sweep their own chimneys.

Mar 05, 2008
New pendant by artist and designer Enok O is a symbolic, wordless representation of John 3:16. It includes seven segments, cut from the metal, representing the seven phrases of this Bible verse.

Feb 12, 2008
Lee Cuesta Enterprises offers three core services to assist businesses achieve desired communications results, without hiring additional staff. Now all three are combined at new website, simplifying the process for groups seeking their services.

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