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Worst Winter in Years. Stay Home and Discover the Best Ways to Update a Kitchen on a Budget
Feb 03, 2011
Billy Coen just launched a new website to help people save thousands on kitchen projects. Billy from Bayside NY City has over 25 years of experience in the construction/design field talks here about the best ideas on renewing your kitchen on a budget

US Trillions of Dollars In Debt. Is Now The Right Time To Renovate Your home/Re-design Your Kitchen?
Jan 25, 2011
Renovate your kitchen or home now. Interest rares are low, 4 to 5 percent range. Back in 2007, rates hit as high as 8.25 percent. Most banks and money funds pay less than 1 percent, Contractors and retail stores are slashing prices.

Billy Coen Launches A New Website To Help Homeowners Learn More About How To Design Small Kitchens
Jan 07, 2011
Billy Coen announces his new website that helps people get great small kitchen design ideas. He has worked in the design and construction area for 25 years and is passionate about helping people who need help in designing small kitchens.