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Jul 23, 2012
Optimism for the victims of Sandusky and the cover up by Penn Sate and Paterno can only come from changes in the institutional culture that allowed the abuse to go on for more than a decade. The NCAA sanctions on Penn State offer up hope for change.

Jun 29, 2012
Chief Justice Roberts played the role he was appointed to – “steward” of the nation’s highest court. His actions and decision not only reflected optimism, they spread optimism to millions of Americans who do not have health insurance.

Mar 19, 2012
Learn optimistic leadership from Tom Izzo and Draymond Green as they lead the number one seeded MSU Spartans to the Sweet Sixteen and likely to the Final Four in 2012.

Feb 14, 2012
Dr. Russ opines on the value of Valentines for taking stock of the health and vibrancy of your relationship so that you make it stronger. He discusses five relationship fallacies that can be recognized and corrected.

Feb 13, 2012
The world and especially the entertainment world is mourning the sudden and unexpected death of Whitney Houston. For me her death is a time to celebrate optimism. Here are ten ways to find optimism at this time of her death.

Feb 11, 2012
Valentine's Day can be a time to celebrate and strengthen a relationship. Use these 'Ten LOVE Tips" from the author of "Optimism Now" to improve your relationship and show your love for the long term.

Feb 07, 2012
Do you struggle to keep an optimistic view during month of February? This month is the peak of the "winter blues" for most people. The article discusses some of the reasons we get into a "funk" in February and suggests ways to be more positive.

Feb 02, 2012
Dr. Russ Buss teaches how Ground Hog Day is a symbol for optimistic action. Just as Bill Murray learned in the movie, optimists know that ever day is a chance to "do-over" what we did before on a path of lifelong self-improvement.

Jan 30, 2012
President Obama's 2012 State of the Union address was full of optimism and hope for the future. Dr. Russ coins a new term with the name: Obamatamism which means the optimism of President Obama. He culls ten memorable quotes from the address.

Jan 25, 2012
Gabrielle Giffords resigned from congress today to work on her health so she can someday return. It is truly rare to see such an example of courage and optimism, let alone see someone with such a closed head injury speak in her own voice about it.

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