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Apr 01, 2020
There is no shortage of instructions from experts, policymakers, and business owners on what to do to stop the spread of coronavirus. The message is clear on social distancing as one of the remedies.

Jan 22, 2020
Begin by purchasing green split peas, parsley, and habanero pepper, plus several bottles of Poland spring water for cooking. You see, the ingredients are simple, and if you shop at Stop & Shop stores as I do, the items will cost $10.

Jan 20, 2020
Child abuse and child neglect, according to the U.S.Center for Disease Control (CDC), are terms used to describe the maltreatment of children. According to the CDC, maltreatment of children can be on a physical or emotional (psychological) level.

Dec 24, 2019
Why it is Important Parents Allow Children to Enjoy their Magical Years

Sep 12, 2019
Newtown, CT Author Publishes Historical Novel This Based-On-Real-Events Novel is the story of the Nigerian-Biafra Civil War The Biafran Conscriptors: Memoirs of the Nigerian-Biafra Civil War (1967-1970), a new book by Dr.

Apr 25, 2019
Out of the blue, on the Saturday morning, I called the professor and said, "I want to come over." It was not really out of the blue, for lately I may have been thinking about him, the way people hold others at the back of their minds without much effort..

Aug 09, 2018
If you are looking for what to have for lunch, try peaches and banana. Not only will they fill you up, you will take in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and still not add appreciably to your weight.

Mar 09, 2018
When his fifteen-minute rendezvous ended, JD emerged from the thick sugarcane bush behind the two-story family house. It was well past midnight and the moon had only a glimmer of light left.

Feb 14, 2018
At igbozue summer picnic held, last Saturday, at Wharton Park, in North Haven, Connecticut, about twenty children, age, three to seventeen sat around wooden tables to an educational session of translating popular Igbo names to English.

Feb 13, 2018
Something is wrong in a society where elders struggle because family members are incapable of providing care.

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