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Jun 20, 2011
icrosoft’s relatively quiet week saw a significant Patch Tuesday and a new phase of life for its popular Kinect hands-free game controller. June’s Patch Tuesday tackled some 24 bugs across 16 bulletins.

Jun 17, 2011
After nearly a decade, Microsoft’s reign as a monopoly is over. The consent decree in U.S. v. Microsoft expired last month, officially removing Microsoft from antitrust scrutiny by the United States Department of Justice.

Jun 15, 2011
In case you haven't heard, near field communications (NFC) is a hot technology right now and a number of influential companies are betting that it's going to play a prominent role in our lives in the future.

Jun 13, 2011
Is your business on Twitter?The microblogging site has tweeted its way, 140 characters at a time, to the top of the social media ladder. With more than 200 million members sending out an estimated 65 million tweets per day, your business be engaged.

Jun 12, 2011
Firefox users have targeted by a new scam that tries to load a user's PC with fake antivirus software using a passably convincing version of the Windows Update page.

Jun 10, 2011
Ever wonder what "capacitive touchscreen," "MicroSD" and "HSPA+" mean? We provide real definitions for the specs most commonly used to describe what's under the hood in today's smartphones.

Jun 09, 2011
E-books, of course, are no particular bargain, but sales are going strong nevertheless, reaching $164.1 million for the months of January and February 2011, according to the Association of American Publishers.

Jun 08, 2011
With iOS 5's primary feature set exposed and its underlying architectural upgrades detailed, we can now begin to draw comparisons between Apple's latest offering and Google's next-generation unified-tablet-and-smartphone Android OS,Ice Cream Sandwich

Jun 07, 2011
The latest additions to Apple's mobile OS are probably a welcome relief for iPhone and iPad fans, but it's hard to call iOS "the world's most advanced mobile operating system" when Apple is playing catch up to Android.

Jun 06, 2011
Google Android smartphones excel in many areas; But lots of Android devices, particularly the 4G--and faux-4G ones--are less than impressive in terms of battery life.Here Six Tips to Protect Your Google Phone and Make Your Android Battery Last Longer

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