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Apr 12, 2013
As China becomes an important jewelry consumer market, this high-end forum proposes an idea of new fashion, culture and inheritance with being held against the background of rapid economic development.

Apr 01, 2013
Wow! April Fool’s Day of this year is here Today! What will you do in this day? Making fun of people? Playing jokes on others? No, no, no! You are out of fashion...

Sep 10, 2012
They Celtic people who lived in Britain and Western Europe from 500 BC and 400 AD created wonderful ornaments like rings, bracelets and pendants…etc with designs based on simple motifs adapted from nature using gold, silver or bronze.

Sep 06, 2012
In contrary to polished tungsten carbide rings, brushed tungsten carbide rings are not reflective and shiny.The brushed look was created by polishing a shiny tungsten ring with diamond powder, so they maintain the highest standard of durability.

Sep 06, 2012
Polished tungsten carbide rings are the most striking and eye catching rings ever created as they are polished to a shiny mirror finish. They can give out dazzling sheen and shine beautifully on your finger.

Sep 05, 2012
With numerous kinds of inlays, inlayed tungsten rings are the most diverse member of tungsten rings family and are the best choice for those who are searching for balance between durability and styles.

Sep 03, 2012
Nowdays, more and more men and woman are wearing jewelry. But there are still some misunderstandings or mistakes people are prone to make when buying jewelry. Here,followbest jewelry lists sixes mistakes people are most prone to make.

Aug 31, 2012
Driven by huge profits, there are dishonest merchants who use less expensive metals to make what‘s called tungsten jewelry, so it’s necessary for us to know how to tell the real tungsten jewelry from the fake.

Aug 31, 2012
An appropriate piece of jewelry cannot only make a man look cool and stylish but also reflect his personality.But they may get lost about choosing the right jewelry. In this passage, we’ll help you find the right jewelry from five aspects

Jul 18, 2012
Abstract: July 13 to 16, "fine, investment, and appreciation" as the theme of the 2012 thirteenth Beijing International Jewellery Fair held at the China World Trade Center.

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