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Chef Michael Bennett toasts culinary seminar at Ocean Reef Club
Jan 17, 2011
South Florida, January, 2011 ~ The Professional Image announces that Michael Bennett, the executive chef of Bimini Boatyard in Fort Lauderdale will be demonstrating at the uber-affluent Ocean Reef club, Key Largo, Fl. on January 27th, 2011.

Author / Chef Michael Bennett's new book details what it takes to be in South Florida's Social Media
Dec 12, 2010
Chef Michael calls it the next step towards being an all around culinary personality. Social Media is zeitgeist. Being media savvy has always been one of chef Michael's strong points.

In the Land of Misfits, Pirates and Cooks is atop Amazon's list.
Nov 15, 2010
The Professional Image - publisher for the culinary profession, announces that author Michael Bennett’s, first recipe book has reached a number one spot on a Amazon book search.

A ton of Seafood served for Fort Lauderdale's International Boatshow
Nov 03, 2010
According to our sources at Bimini Boatyard - Fort Lauderdale's first Caribbean wood-fire grill, chef Michael Bennett prepared one ton of Seafood for this weekend's International Boatshow.

Cookbook review - In the Land of Misfits, Pirates and Cooks
Jul 12, 2010
Chef Bennett has penned a exotic recipe cookbook from his years of living in the Caribbean.

Chef finds words for new book
Jul 08, 2010
Cookbook author - of his third book in two years - is finding words atop an elliptical trainer....instead of the stove.

The Mango Congress in Miami
May 01, 2010
Since the early 1990's and every year since there has been an exhibition of Mangoes by Mango lovers in South Florida. I like to call this our Mango Congress.

125 Recipes from a South Florida Chef ~ Second Cookbook Release
Feb 01, 2010
After reading this book you will be comfortable using food your mother would have never considered cooking. "In the Land of Misfits, Pirates & Cooks", (his first cookbook-2009) was definitely the precursor to Underneath the Cloudless Sky (2010).

"In the Land of Misfits, Pirates and Cooks" a cookbook review by Amazon
Jan 14, 2010
5 star-Cookbook review from a popular cookbook reviewer on Amazon