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Tips to Keep Your Car Tuned Up by Guy's Automotive
Mar 05, 2018
Car maintenance is critical to keep your vehicle running.  Besides an oil change, your car requires maintenance to keep it tuned up.

Follow Through With Auto Repairs and Maintenance Schedules
Feb 26, 2018
Not following through with your maintenance schedule is not an advisable thing to do.  When times are rough and you need to save money, neglecting your car can prove to be the wrong choice.

Finding a Trustworthy Auto Repair Shop
Aug 06, 2017
Automobiles of the modern day are built with a whole arsenal of computers networked to eachother.

Engine Fuel Injector Cleaning in Tampa FL by Guy's Automotive
Mar 26, 2017
In very simple terms, an engine's fuel injector is a valve that squirts fuel into your pickup engine. Your engine control computer tells the fuel injector how much fuel to deliver as well as the precise time it should be delivered.

Tuneup and PCV Valve Service by Guy's Automotive in Tampa FL
Mar 26, 2017
The  FL push for fuel economy has the benefit of using less gas as well as fewer emissions in our local Tampa tuneup environment. Cars and trucks run cleaner than ever with a proper tuneup.

Collision Centers in Tampa - How to Choose
Feb 12, 2017
Collision centers in are not all the same.  Some collision centers are only about volume and not about the quality.  In the Tampa area, 5 out of 6 collision repair centers are not even legal.

Choose Wisely a Transmission Auto Repair Shop
Jan 14, 2017
Transmission repairs and service happen daily and require an auto repair shop with the right expertise.  Imagine taking your vehicle into a repair shop that claims to do transmission repair work and instead, you leave worse off that you came in.

Tampa Collision Repair is a Tampa Auto Repair Specialty
Jun 15, 2016
Tampa collision repair is a Tampa auto repair specialty. Getting collision repair in Tampa is like finding the right doctor.  Some doctors don't seem to get it right or just make you feel uncomfortable.

Transmission Repair in Tampa is a Vital Part of the Auto Repair in Tampa Network
Jun 15, 2016
Transmission repair in Tampa is a vital part of the auto repair in Tampa network.  In other words, everyone in Tampa will need some transmission repair sooner or later.

What You Need to Know about R1234yf Recharges or Repairs by Guy's Automotive
Feb 03, 2016
Automotive AC has come along way over the past 5 decades. Starting with a Freon called R12, auto manufacturers were pleased with the results of ice cold auto air. This continued for many years with reasonable auto ac repairs.

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