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Jun 20, 2019
Researcher and physician William Matzner, MD explains why medical practice software has become indispensable.

Jun 19, 2019
Dr. William Matzner has curated a list of tips and suggestions for better management of cash flow in a medical practice in his new article.

Jun 18, 2019
Dr. William Matzner explains some of the most effective steps and measures to improve healthcare staff management.

Jun 07, 2019
Have you ever wondered whether the prescription you just received may actually be a placebo? Read the new article by Dr. William Matzner to learn everything you need to know about placebos in medical treatment.

Jun 05, 2019
Scleroderma is a persistent skin disease which is very hard to treat entirely. The disease develops when the immune system faces problems. William L. Matzner explains in detail in his new article.

May 30, 2019
Reye's Syndrome affects in particular children and young teenagers who are on the road to recovery from a viral disease such as the flu or chickenpox. Dr. William Matzner published an article on this.

May 12, 2019
Viruses are proliferating at an exponential rate. Every day, we hear of a new strand of viruses that emerge from other types of viruses. The new article by medical doctor and researcher William Lee Matzner brings you up to date.

Apr 10, 2019
Dr. William L. Matzner has published an overview of hemodialysis in layman's terms. The complete article will be published on the Blog of Dr. Matzner.

Apr 10, 2019
Upper GI endoscopy serves to investigate, diagnose, and possibly treat, problems of the upper digestive tract. Read the new explanatory article about this procedure by medical doctor and analyst Dr. William L. Matzner

Apr 05, 2019
Physician and medical analyst Dr. William Matzner of Healthcare Analytics, LLC has published an overview article on the use of antibiotics.

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