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Mar 31, 2022
If you want to upgrade your home without having to move, renovating is your best option. However, when you do this, you are going to need to follow proper safety rules and regulations.

Feb 09, 2022
If you are looking to increase the size of your home, increase your property value, and add additional comfort, you should be considering a home addition renovation project. This is especially true if you have an older home.

Feb 07, 2022
In order to choose the right contractor to build and design your custom home, there are a few areas you should review before you hire a company.

Dec 06, 2021
Have you been contemplating renovating your home? Doing this will increase the value of your home and also make it more comfortable for you to live in. You can tackle a home renovation project in a few different ways.

Nov 08, 2021
Here at iRemodel Home Renovations, our team has gathered six renovation tips for you to follow to get the most out of your renovation budget.

Nov 01, 2021
There is always a long list of things to do and decisions that need to be made for any renovation project. All these things are equally important and require equal consideration before the project begins.

Oct 06, 2021
More often than not, we receive a lot of calls from clients inquiring about the value of a basement renovation and how it can add revenue to their home.

Apr 15, 2021
Renovating your home is a good option, whether you have just bought a new of or simply want to revitalize your old one. The first step in your renovation process is going to be hiring an experienced and reliable contractor.

Mar 11, 2021
For many people who have schedules that are filled with kids, work and other activities, taking on a renovation project can be especially daunting. Renovations not only are messy and time-consuming, but they also can put a dent in your wallet.

Mar 05, 2021
It is crucial to hire an experienced company when you want to build your dream home. For decades, we have been working in the GTA, helping people create their custom-built dream home from the bottom up.

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