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Apr 18, 2019
Tiny "Carrots" Don't Work, But Charging Smokers More Slashes Everyone's Costs

Apr 16, 2019
Several Recent Incidents Show How Colleges are Finally Fighting Back

Apr 14, 2019
An Anonymous Complaint Can Trigger Ed Dept to Stop Affirmative Action

Apr 10, 2019
Asking For Returns of Other Presidents Would Strengthen Legality of Demand

Apr 09, 2019
Flaw Could Delay or Even Doom Neal's Otherwise Well Founded Request

Apr 03, 2019
Free Downloadable Car-Visor Guide Could Keep Teens, Blacks, Others Alive

Apr 02, 2019
Mixing Sexes in Restrooms Can Constitute Sexual Harassment and Also Violate Religious Freedom

Mar 26, 2019
Even Strong Accusations Shouldn't Trigger Irreversible Punishments

Mar 25, 2019
Why Report Identifies "No Actions That . . Constitute Obstructive Conduct"

Mar 24, 2019
Criminal Law Standards, Especially Involving Free Speech, Can Be Very Exacting

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