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Jan 25, 2022
New Special Grand Jury Increases Likelihood of Trump Criminal Trial

Jan 24, 2022
Special Grand Jury to Subpoenas Key People and Secret Documents

Jan 21, 2022
First Large Employers; Now Even Biden's Federal Workers Rule Enjoined

Jan 21, 2022
Demographics, RICO, Ambitions All Make Indictment of Trump Likely

Jan 20, 2022
It Can Subpoena Trump and Other Witnesses About Secret Jan 6th Meetings

Jan 19, 2022
Then President Ducked A Direct Question Which Would Have Proven It

Jan 19, 2022
Biden Has The Legal Authority to Require Airline Passengers to Be Vaccinated

Jan 17, 2022
Accused of Crimes, Denying Constitutional Rights, Lying and More

Jan 13, 2022
Attorney Grievance Commission Failed to Act on Complaints and Court Rulings

Jan 13, 2022
A Vaccination-To-Fly Rule Avoids Legal Problems - And Enjoys 95% Support

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