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May 30, 2023
Ecuadorian customer signed a banana peel and brewer's grain drying production line contract with our company at the beginning of the year. At present, the equipment has been manufactured and assembled in the Jiutian workshop yesterday

May 20, 2023
Beer yeast liquid is the waste produced in the brewing process of breweries, which contains a lot of nutrients and can be used as animal feed after drying. There are special mechanical equipment for the dehydration and drying of beer yeast liquid.

May 12, 2023
How to deal with the pomace and peel after fruit processing, such as pear pomace, apple pomace, orange peel, olive pomace, etc.? Whether it is processed into feed or organic fertilizer, it needs to be dehydrated and dried to facilitate storage

May 05, 2023
Recently, the coal slime dryer project of a Shanxi Shenmu Coal Plant and Jiutian has completed the installation and commissioning, and is now entering the trial operation stage.

Apr 27, 2023
In the process of food waste recycling, due to the production technology, many food wastes are mixed with water, and some of them are even pasty, which cannot be transported and stored. The food needs to be dried and dehydrated.

Apr 20, 2023
The cow dung dryer is mainly a drum-type structural design, which can dry a large amount of cow dung materials containing moisture. The drying process has a high output, and the dried materials have good appearance and high utilization value.

Apr 13, 2023
How to quickly process or store a large amount of alfalfa during the harvest season and maintain the quality of alfalfa? How to dry alfalfa quickly?

Apr 06, 2023
Coco peat is a by-product of coconut processing. With the development of flower cultivation, it was gradually found that coco peat has good water retention and air permeability, which is very suitable for plant cultivation and has been widely used.

Mar 29, 2023
Petroleum coke dryer is the main drying equipment for its drying and preparation, which has the advantages of flexible control, convenient operation and remarkable drying effect.

Mar 22, 2023
Drying fresh chicken manure is the first step in the treatment of chicken manure. After the chicken manure is dried at high temperature by the chicken manure dryer, the harmful substances in it are killed.

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