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Apr 06, 2024
The steam rotary dryer is also called a tube dryer. The heat source is waste heat steam from power plants and boiler plants. Through technological transformation, it is converted into the temperature and heat energy required by the material.

Mar 29, 2024
Recently, the coconut milk residue dryer equipment purchased by Uzbekistan customers from Zhengzhou Jiutian has been loaded on the truck and will be shipped soon.

Mar 22, 2024
Brewers grains are waste produced during the beer brewing process and were discarded as garbage in the past. The emergence of brewers grain dryer makes it possible to utilize beer grain waste.

Mar 15, 2024
The pig manure organic fertilizer production line is an important equipment that converts pig manure and other livestock and poultry manure into organic fertilizer.

Mar 08, 2024
The drum scraper dryer is an internal heating conduction rotating continuous drying equipment. The rotating drum adheres to a certain thickness of material film through its lower material trough.

Mar 01, 2024
Jiutian sludge dryer adopts a drum structure design, which has many advantages and can dry materials in a short time. Next, let's learn more about the advantages of Jiutian sludge drum dryer!

Feb 23, 2024
The wood chip dryer is a pre-dehydration equipment developed by Zhengzhou Jiutian for biomass pellet pressing of wood chips, sawdust, wood powder, and shavings. It can effectively improve the quality and appearance of the finished pellets.

Feb 02, 2024
The more common type of pulp dryer is the drum type, which adopts co-current and counter-current drying technology. The drying effect and degree of drying can meet the actual needs of users.

Jan 26, 2024
Construction aggregate dryers are used to reduce or minimize the moisture content of the materials being processed by bringing them into contact with heated gases. Most commonly used in the mining industry for drying sand, stone and soil.

Jan 19, 2024
Chicken manure dryer is an equipment used to process chicken manure. Its function is to dry chicken manure to make it easier to store and use.

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