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Dec 05, 2019
Come and meet Mark Podolsky, The Land Geek, and discover how to build a scalable, migraine free, real estate investing business the geeky way!

Nov 11, 2019
Joanne Musa, founder of® is conducting a live virtual workshop on Saturday, November to demonstrate how to ensure that the tax liens or tax deeds you purchase are profitable.

Nov 04, 2019
Tax Lien Lady's® next live Wealth Building Webinar is happening next Wednesday at 8:30 pm Eastern. In this training, Joanne will let you know how to make sure that your liens are profitable, both before and after you purchase a tax lien or deed.

Jul 06, 2019
There was so much misinformation and hype out there, about tax lien investing and I wanted people to know the truth

Apr 05, 2019
During these live trainings, participants will be able to ask questions and have Joanne answer their questions. And she'll also be sharing the resources and tools that she uses to find out about these tax sales and choose the right properties.

Jan 06, 2019
This training is part of Tax Lien Lady's Wealth Building Webinar Series. The live training is free for all to attend,

Dec 04, 2018 will host a special training with Tax Lien Investing Agent Charles Sells of PIP Group LLC. Charles will show you just how you can profit big time on Illinois tax liens without attending a tax sale!

Aug 04, 2018
How To Profit From Texas Tax Sales – This Wednesday Night!

May 31, 2018
Joanne Musa, the Tax Lien Lady, will be hosting Charles Sells of PIP Group for the next Wealth Building Webinar "Skip The Tax Lien Auctions – Invest With The Pros," on June 6 at 8:30 pm Eastern Time.

Apr 26, 2018
Rebecca Rice and David Xi will show how to have your real estate monies working for you in two ways; both in a tax-free account and in real estate investments, utilizing the efficiency of every real estate dollar you employ in the market.

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