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Jul 05, 2020 Creator & Producer Highlights "Self" 'Demerits' & Implications For "Not Charting" at Billboard "Top Zero" Placements - Considers Decrying In The Name & Spirit of Civil-Injustice & Racism - Considers Invoking Elvis Presley & Frank

Jul 04, 2020
The Kuneo Koei Company & Takeo Tama Brand Erect A Comparison "For the masses," Both Educational & Shocking As They Draw "Orwell fact," From 'ZeroHedge' Article Covering 'Twitter' Offensive & Non-Inclusive Terms - Declared - Banning/Censorship Efforts

Jun 30, 2020
Spearheading "their" charge not to become entangled or "complicit by default" with calls by distributors, licensees, & publishers to stand with corporate-activism inline for 'Racism' & civil-unrest causes, TAKEO TAMA now expands upon fortifications.

Jun 29, 2020
Aiming towards the end of all commentary & remarks revolving around statements published in favor of "Standing up," to external distributors, licensees, & publishers regarding urges to adopt activism for 'Racism' & civil-unrest, KUNEO KOEI fortifies

Jun 27, 2020
Music-entertainment provider,, presents evidence of hypothesized "USA Invasion" scenario & receives welcoming reactions & responses across all audiences, globally. Speculations on primary outcomes ignored in the spirit of, "Freedom"...

Jun 25, 2020
Momentarily breaking from "Seriousness" over pro stances being adhered by distributors, licensees, & retailers of SEKRETT SCILENSCE™ in favor of BLM-activism & civil-unrest, Sekrett Scilensce aims new sound-recording towards ASCAP & related parties

Jun 22, 2020
Takeo Tama Publishes Mass Statement Regarding Stances & Positions Against "Wishes" Of Administrative Music-entertainment entities & Big-Tech Firms To "Comply" With "Race" Activism & Financing - During R&D, Discovers BLM-Founder "Marxist" Video-Clip

Jun 17, 2020
Music-entertainment provider, Takeo Tama, is now questioning audio-distributor, DistroKid, relationship surrounding mass internal memorandums from similar entities, urging automatic associations concerning civil-unrest & racism

Jun 17, 2020 responds to e-mail, associating/'antagonizing' racism as a collective problem, citing that all within its member-base & around the globe must be accountable & stand with BLACK LIVES MATTER values vs. individual free-thought

Jun 14, 2020
Audio Gambler: "All interactions to cite neutrality or challenge mainstream broadcasts narratives have equally shutdown or as it is called, censored our operations in social media and some [POS] platforms."

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