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Aug 18, 2020
Opting to release views and opinions of recent journalistic arrest cited as potential politically-motivated actions via public-media, Kuneo Koei & Takeo Tama entertainment-entities aim to deduce the incident with unbiased but plausible questioning...

Jul 26, 2020
Kuneo Koei company prepares to embark upon its journey in creating a 'Freenomic' based front-end to service all audio-catalogs to visitors of its websites, world-wide. Via the Takeo Tama brand, the entity hopes to salvage all infrastructure abroad...

Jul 20, 2020
Takeo Tama Has Deemed Twitter Alternative "Parler" As 'Dangerous' In Similar Contexts To The Prior Giants Network As Political Paradigm Shifts & Corporate-Activism Pushes The Entity Further Towards Complete Isolation & Independence | Advises Visitors

Jul 14, 2020
Web-Page: - Now Reactivated for Audiences Speaking English, Spanish, German, Ukrainian, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Chinese & Russian -- Localized Packaging & Paraphernalia to Follow. Takeo Tama URL Operation To Include IR Edits

Jul 05, 2020 Creator & Producer Highlights "Self" 'Demerits' & Implications For "Not Charting" at Billboard "Top Zero" Placements - Considers Decrying In The Name & Spirit of Civil-Injustice & Racism - Considers Invoking Elvis Presley & Frank

Jul 04, 2020
The Kuneo Koei Company & Takeo Tama Brand Erect A Comparison "For the masses," Both Educational & Shocking As They Draw "Orwell fact," From 'ZeroHedge' Article Covering 'Twitter' Offensive & Non-Inclusive Terms - Declared - Banning/Censorship Efforts

Jun 30, 2020
Spearheading "their" charge not to become entangled or "complicit by default" with calls by distributors, licensees, & publishers to stand with corporate-activism inline for 'Racism' & civil-unrest causes, TAKEO TAMA now expands upon fortifications.

Jun 29, 2020
Aiming towards the end of all commentary & remarks revolving around statements published in favor of "Standing up," to external distributors, licensees, & publishers regarding urges to adopt activism for 'Racism' & civil-unrest, KUNEO KOEI fortifies

Jun 27, 2020
Music-entertainment provider,, presents evidence of hypothesized "USA Invasion" scenario & receives welcoming reactions & responses across all audiences, globally. Speculations on primary outcomes ignored in the spirit of, "Freedom"...

Jun 25, 2020
Momentarily breaking from "Seriousness" over pro stances being adhered by distributors, licensees, & retailers of SEKRETT SCILENSCE™ in favor of BLM-activism & civil-unrest, Sekrett Scilensce aims new sound-recording towards ASCAP & related parties

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