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Sep 18, 2010
Did Yale University support the study of knowing Jesus Christ as this great universities goal? Absolutely it did and I'm sure this surprises you so please read on.

Sep 18, 2010
How many graduates of Harvard University in the 17th century became Christian ministers? If you said 55% of them, you are correct!

Sep 17, 2010
Duke University taught faith in Jesus Christ as its main goals? Many would consider this to be unheard of, but wait till you see this.....

Sep 17, 2010
Whoever controls the schools will set the goals for the nation, establish its religious values, and ultimately control the future. Direct quote from "Americas Christian Heritage" by Gary DeMar.

Sep 16, 2010
The atheist paints himself into a corner with his faith. When a person points out how he did it, the atheist will begin to play games with the meaning of words.

Sep 15, 2010
Christianity is the faith implied in the United States Constitution in a couple of different areas but why do we not see more specific mentions?

Sep 15, 2010
1 Timothy 1: 9-10 & Romans 13;1-5.cited in Charter of Liberties by William Penn. A special oath was also required. Please read on......

Sep 14, 2010
The Christian religion is established as the religion of the state of South Carolina in its own constitution.

Sep 14, 2010
Imagine a state constitution that says you cannot hold office if you are not a member of the Christian faith. Imagine if it went even further than that......

Sep 13, 2010
State Constitutions required representatives to be of the Biblical or Christian faith. That may be difficult to believe but wait till you see this.

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