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MacGizmoGuy Debuts New Apple Mac USB-C Technology News Resource
Mar 26, 2015
MacGizmoGuy announces a new website dedicated to the latest generation USB Type-C computer interface. Apple's introduction of the USB-C connector on it's new MacBook laptops is poised to redefine the next decade of computer device connectivity.

MacGizmoGuy Updates Apple Compatible Webcam Purchasing Guide For 2014
Apr 10, 2014
Apple product reviewer and Macintosh tech blogger Russell T. Baer has recently launched a revised purchasing guide for those analyzing the best external Apple compatible web camera to buy for their business or personal video conferencing needs.

Apple Compatible TV Tuner Hardware Market Sees Dwindling Choices
Apr 05, 2014
The demand for Apple compatible High-Definition USB TV receivers and video capture devices in the United States is diminishing and under market pressure from changing content acquisition methods and waning consumer interest on the Macintosh platform.

Solid-State ThunderBolt SSD Storage Resource Launched By MacGizmoGuy
Apr 03, 2014
Apple computer tech blogger MacGizmoGuy aka Russell T. Baer announces the launch of thunderbolt-ssd.com - a website dedicated to covering the growing market for Apple compatible ThunderBolt interface solid-state SSD storage peripherals.

MacGizmoGuy Plugs-In To The Mac ThunderBolt Adapter Gadget Scene
Mar 29, 2014
Apple technology blogger MacGizmoGuy aka Russell T. Baer announces a new website dedicated to the growing range of available ThunderBolt adapters and devices to leverage ThunderBolt computer interface connectivity to it’s fullest.

Solid State SSD Disk Drives Turbo-Charge Apple Macs - Old and New
Jun 05, 2009
With Apple computer now offering Solid-State disk drives as build-to-order options, and aftermarket SSD drive upgrades now available for older Macs -- There's opportunities to experience ultra-fast flash disk performance you'll love.