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Manhattan Green Solutions Presents Veltia Eco Hand Dryers to the Philippines
Mar 31, 2010
Manhattan Green Solutions Introduces Veltia Eco Hand Dryers to the Philippines. Veltia Eco Hand Dryers save up to 80% on energy compared to regular hand dryers, and are a lot cheaper and more environmental to use compared to regular paper towels.

Manhattan Green Solutions Introduces Xstream Shower heads for Low Water Pressure Areas
Mar 27, 2010
Manhattan Green Solutions is proud to introduce Oxygenics Xstream Shower Series. Xstream gives good pressurized showers starting from 5 PSI water pressure.

Manhattan Green Solutions Invited to talk on The Greener Good Energy and Water Conservation Seminar
Mar 22, 2010
Manhattan Green Solution was invited by JCI Global CT to talk on The Greener Good, an Open Forum and Seminar on Energy and Water Conservation. The talk will be on March 26, 2010, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. At GCIC Fort Bonifacio

Manhattan Green Solutions Presents Enistic Energy Monitoring Systems
Mar 22, 2010
Manhattan Green Solutions presents Enistic Energy Monitoring Systems for office, commercial, and industrial use. Enistic gives companies better control on energy use.

Manhattan Green Solutions Presents Efergy Elite Energy Monitors
Mar 22, 2010
Manhattan Green Solutions presents Efergy Elite. A Wireless Energy Monitoring Smart Meter designed to help reduce energy in homes and small offices.

Manhattan Green Solutions Provides a new Waterless Urinal Solution without Replacing the Urinal
Mar 21, 2010
Manhattan Green Solutions introduces Bioball Waterless Urinal Cartridges to the Philippines, a truly environmental solution that makes urinals waterless.

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