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Muslimah Writers Alliance (MWA) Press releases

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Aug 19, 2010
Bottom line? Business as usual; it's all about the money.

Aug 17, 2010
This doesn't have to be a fight for the right to exercise religious freedom. Let us, rather, stand united for that which is simply; right.

Aug 08, 2010
Don't let the opportunity pass to make this Ramadan different and more rewarding from Ramadan's past. Replenish your spirit this Ramadan - Adopt A Ramadan Buddy!

Jun 24, 2010
MWA denounces involuntary confinement of Canadian National Nathalie Morin and other foreign nationals in Saudi Arabia, as President Obama prepares to welcome Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz to the White House on June 29.

Jun 15, 2010
Students of Gaza need your support! Can they count on you to intervene on their behalf in guaranteeing their right to free passage between Israeli and Egyptian borders to secure exit visas needed to fulfill their aspirations for a brighter future?

Jun 03, 2010
MWA Director Aishah Schwartz speaks of Gaza activism past and present.

Jun 01, 2010
Coalition to Submit List of Asks to Obama Administration Including Blockade of U.S. Tax-Payer Funded Aid to Israel

May 31, 2010
Tragedy must not overshadow the goals; ensuring that the Flotilla's cargo reaches its final destination, to bring an end to the illegal siege and embargo on Gaza, and to bring to justice the perpetrators of unnecessary crimes against humanity.

May 30, 2010
Flotilla organizers announced in a statement via Cyprus that, in international waters off the coast of Israel, the convoy has been contacted by the Israeli navy. MWA is urging immediate action in support of the Flotilla's safe passage into Gaza.

Apr 05, 2010
Omer's admittance into the US is the most recent in a series, demonstrating an apparent reversal in the USA Patriot Act resurrection of 'ideological exclusion'; denying visas to foreign nationals with unfavorable political views.

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