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Aug 07, 2012
picWorkflow Announces Photo Retouching Services: Offers everything from color correction to turning that frown upside down

Oct 24, 2011
Search 35 million stock photos across 13 of the most popular microstock photography agencies, all from your Android-based smartphone or tablet.

Oct 07, 2011
I’m delighted to announce that you can now have your photos and illustrations title and description metadata fields expertly filled out on picWorkflow for just 20 US cents!

Feb 16, 2011
Link your website or desktop image processing, distribution or management, or image-selling platform software to picWorkflow for full-service high-quality keywords for your photos or illustrations

Jan 18, 2011
You can now purchase keywording services through to keyword your images. Price is your choice between 0.5 cents and 2 cents per keyword, which at 40 keywords makes between 20 cents and 80 cents per image.

Dec 06, 2010
The picWorkflow Export Plugin for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom makes it faster and easier than ever before to transfer your images from your hard-drive to upto 19 microstock stock photography agencies.

Nov 30, 2010
picWorkflow is a new service providing portfolio-management, reporting and distribution services for stock photographers.

Sep 30, 2010
The Microstock Photo Powersearch Plugin for Wordpress makes finding the best microstock stock photos for your blog easier than ever. Over 30 million images across 5 major libraries to search direct from the post-edit page.

Sep 29, 2010
The Microstock Photo Power Search Google Chrome browser extension makes searching multiple libraries for the best microstock stock photos easier than ever.

Sep 20, 2010
The new Ultimate Free Stock Photo Search Tool extension for Google Chrome makes it easy to search among the half a billion free stock photos and illustrations across the web. Contains over 200 websites direct on the browser toolstrip button.

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