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Feb 14, 2021
Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Stephen Hawking and others, argue we need to explore space to ensure the survival of the human race. Not so fast, reveals the Special Edition of Australian periodical, New Dawn magazine. Time travel to the past's the answer...

Jan 31, 2021
In a surprise appearance, Marshall Barnes R&D Eng, talked about the mysterious patents reported on by

Jan 28, 2021
Marshall Barnes, the advanced concept research scientist and engineer has decided to return to his anti COVID research in the face of new strains that have appeared from other countries.

Jan 18, 2021
In a dramatic interview at 5 Pm today, Pacific Time, Lorien Fenton will talk with advanced concept science and technology engineer, Marshall Barnes, who will reveal breakthrough research on time travel that will be published by Global Journal.

Jan 12, 2021
Marshall Barnes responds to W.H.O. announcement, that a worse pandemic is 5 years off, by kick starting public escape efforts via time travel associations.

Dec 30, 2020
Russia's "Dooms Day" weapon has advanced concept science and technology engineer Marshall Barnes laughing as Russia continues to attempt to expand its weapons capabilities to challenge the US military superiority.

Dec 28, 2020
In the wake of China's claims of creating "super soldiers", internationally noted advanced concept sci/tech R&D engineer, Marshall Barnes returns his attention to the military division of his company to face and destroy international threats.

Dec 12, 2020
Beginning in the early '90s, many breakthrough theories linked to parallel universes and time travel have been reported in the British science magazine, New Scientist. Now an American researcher has proved some of them fact with repeated experiments.

Dec 07, 2020
As headlines flashed across worldwide media, announcing China's plans for "super soldiers", American advanced concept science and technology R&D engineer, Marshall Barnes, couldn't keep from laughing. "My countermeasures make chop suey of it."

Oct 30, 2020
As Marshall Barnes formally launches Oui-kan-doo Enterprises to raise research funds, he positions his project with Akon City, the African Technology Innovation Party and others. But he has an edge on viability and financial business projections.

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