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Feb 20, 2018
In new article at, Marshall Barnes challenges Malcolm Barrett & Shawn Ryan to a debate on time travel rules after exposing Barrett as a moron on the subject & proving that the writers for NBC's Timeless have no idea about consistency.

Feb 09, 2018
Marshall Barnes, who has written numerous times on the issue of the artificial intelligence threat, was cited in a recent article by the online publication, CMS Wire, on the topic of performance reveiws by artificial intelligence.

Jan 30, 2018
Lorien Fenton had an exciting show with Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng and now sworn enemy of self-proclaimed time travel scientist Ronald Mallett. Marshall destroyed everything about Mallett - with evidence that the audience could follow online.

Jan 29, 2018
Tonight, for the first time ever, the true story of Ronald L. Mallett will be told by Marshall Barnes on live radio. He exposes the accusations he's made against Mallett and reveals how Mallett is a complete and total fraud who has used the media.

Jan 29, 2018
The 2008 purchase of film rights to Time Traveler, by physicist Ronald Mallett, may prove to have been a mistake for Spike Lee. He just got an open letter telling him he was sold a bill of goods, from the man spilling the beans on live radio tonight.

Jan 27, 2018
Lorien Fenton, of the Fenton Perspective, will review allegations of fraud & misrepresentation against Ronald Mallett of the University of Connecticut & how the Sun-Sentinel & The Miami New Times could report Mallett as a victim of Cooper's schemes.

Jan 17, 2018
Paul Sutter may play at being a time travel expert for but not likely much longer. The COSI chief scientist & Ohio State University astrophysicist, got caught by the real thing, Marshall Barnes, & exposed in a new article at

Jan 05, 2018
In a surprise announcement today on Twitter, internationally followed inventor, conceptual theorist and advanced concept science and technology R&D engineer, Marshall Barnes, says he now has a complete design for a time machine for human use.

Dec 13, 2017
Monday night, Marshall Barnes staked his claim as the world leader on time travel and backed it up with new revelations and announced his new article for

Dec 11, 2017
Marshall Barnes returns to Lorien Fenton's popular radio show to establish his growing dominance over the topic, and field, of time travel research.

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