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Reliance Trading Co. Limited: Stock Market rise as US President Trump pushes for bigger stimulus
Oct 11, 2020
Major indices climbed up as market ends this week with traders getting hope that a new set of potential coronavirus stimulus package will push through.

Reliance Trading Co. Limited:Major Indices bounce up as the week session starts with Dow leading
Sep 29, 2020
Investors hope for a new deal on the US Stimulus package that is still being tackled in the House made most stocks higher as trading session closed this Monday, led by banks and tech giants.

Reliance Trading Co. Limited: Stock Market ended up mixed as major tech companies shares dropped
Sep 17, 2020
Nasdaq and S&P 500 dipped in today's session after most of the shares from tech giants has declined.

Reliance Trading Co. Limited: Stocks rebound as Tech shares recovered some of its sell-off losses
Sep 11, 2020
After three day bout, stock market finally recovered as big tech shares bounce back with the help of investors who bagged some shares while on dip.

Reliance Trading Co. Limited:Nasdaq and S&P 500 shares fresh new all-time high leading market surges
Aug 27, 2020
Tech giants has yet again lead market session higher pushing Nasdaq hitting another all-time high for 4 consecutive days now.

Reliance Trading Co. Limited: S&P 500 and Nasdaq dropped big time after breaking new record high
Aug 20, 2020
Major indices closed down session this Wednesday lower after government's Federal Reserve minutes brought lack of optimism with regards about the economy's growth on this year's second quarter.

Reliance Trading Co. Limited: S&P 500 almost hits record high, Major Indices are up market wraps up
Aug 13, 2020
Stocks rallied briefly on today's session getting back what was loss from the prior days. S&P 500 almost hit a record high breaking above 3,386.16 level from February 19 but fell short just as the market close this Wednesday.

Reliance Trading Co. Limited: Dow lead stocks higher, Treasuries dipped while Gold hits record high
Aug 05, 2020
Major stocks ended the day propitiously high after investors are still focus on fresh signs of corporate earnings report and government's stimulus package with the hope that it will relieve them from the coronavirus pandemic stress.

Reliance Trading Co. Limited: Stock Market fell together with Oil prices and Treasuries, Gold is up
Aug 01, 2020
Major stocks have lost its pace on Tuesday market closing all prices lower from yesterday's session. Shares from tech giants dropped as traders are getting ready for the next coronavirus stimulus package.

Reliance Trading Co. Limited: Nasdaq closed another record high leading other stocks higher
Jul 13, 2020
Nasdaq Composite has continues to outperformed their record high from Monday's set bagging another all-time high today with 1.4% surge which have led all stocks optimistically on today's trading day.

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