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Apr 05, 2010
Just like a group of kids in a sandbox, bullies exist on both sides of the fence with insurance losses. Courtesy, common sense & commitments to doing the right thing are sometimes overshadowed by fear, greed, & hidden agendas. These 7 steps can help.

Mar 11, 2010
Home buyers need to be armed and educated so they're not throwing away money. That new home smell (a simple coating of fresh paint) could be covering up possible water damage in both new construction and used homes that could cause health issues.

Mar 09, 2010
Potential health risks in forclosures left vacant and unattended. Often foreclosures are sold ‘as is’ and the bank has no prior history making it more imperative for buyers to understand any health risks or legal liabilities that may be lurking.

Feb 17, 2010
The dirty little secret adding to foreclosure miseries is the enormity of serious health hazards that often exist for new and unsuspecting occupants. These mold infested foreclosures will burden our stressed health care system & bog down our courts.

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