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Aug 02, 2013
Needed: Even more properties ! Properties to manage, from Orlando to Tampa

Jun 14, 2013
Premise: Life, by definition is a series of inconveniences From stubbing a toe, to getting cut off in line, to being bullied, to however you may die. Every day, in every way, something gets in your way. It is a rough, rough, rough, rough, world.

Jun 01, 2013
I always hand out notes on what you need to do to keep your computer up and running

May 30, 2013
For the price of fixing my computer, I could buy a new computer This is probably the number one statement every computer technician hears when he mentions that he chargers for his services. Even if you give a flat rate price or an hourly price.

May 30, 2013
There is nothing like a frantic phone call “I have porn all over my three computers, get it off NOW!”

May 30, 2013
Over ten years in the business, and I can tell you that next to viruses and software failures, the next worse threat to a computer is DUST and DIRT

Apr 15, 2013
Back in 1979, Professor Carroll, from the University of Western Ontario was on a local cable show, to answer questions regarding computing. Topic: “Just how secure is the use of your Social Number?

Apr 03, 2013
The Evil Eye is also referred to as the All-Seeing Eye, the Lucky Eye, Nazar Boncuk and...

Mar 21, 2013
We want to be the law firm for “You, Your Family, and Your Business.” To that end we work in multiple areas of the law: Family Law, Immigration, Personal Injury and Business Law.

Mar 21, 2013
Solar Water Fountains Etc. We offer a fine selection of merchandise for your home and garden. Here you will find Solar Water Fountains, Garden Water Fountains, large outdoor water fountains and smaller indoor water fountains.

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