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Sep 01, 2015
In an unprecedented movement to financially empower Indie Artists, independent record label "9th Ward" rolls out a proven platform for performing/recording artists to significantly monetize their influence over their fans! Feasibility was proven over the.

Apr 15, 2015
It is a rare occurrence these days, in the modern music industry, that artists are able to incorporate the true essence of the origins of the R&B/Soul music genre into contemporary styles and flavors.

Nov 07, 2013
In honor of submariners who gave their lives for their country, the United States Submarine Veterans Inc. (USSVI) celebrates Kap(SS) 4 Kid(SS) Week. Note: The (SS) is a military specialty designator, signifying a sailor is "Qualified in Submarines"

Nov 05, 2012
Groton, Connecticut - The United States Submarine Veterans Inc. (USSVI) will annually celebrate a Kap(SS) 4 Kid(SS) Week, during the week that includes Veterans Day.

Sep 18, 2012
Entrepreneur and Civil Activist De'Von Bankett of Houston, TX is petitioning the U.S. Congress to mandate a rewrite of American history as it pertains to "African Descent" people. His first major stop to gain support is the 2012 Texas-Africa Summit.

Aug 21, 2012
International Trade is high on the radar for Texas businesses, and the legislators that represent them. Two active and influential officials from Houston, TX District 9 have answered the call to lead Texas into the new entrepreneurial frontier.

Jun 27, 2012
Hundreds prepare to gather for the Second Bi-Annual Texas-Africa Business Summit at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy Rice University in Houston, TX on September 27 and 28.

Nov 25, 2011
"No Political Solution!" This is the common ground that 15 small and medium sized business owners, operating in Houston, TX, found to stand on when they created the "Power In Numbers Flagship Company".

Sep 08, 2011
The "Texas Border Brigade" is a club that has been born out of a locally owned restaurant in Katy, TX. Its establishment is intended to honor those who bravely serve our country in the Armed Forces and to promote patriotism, and comradery.

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