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Jan 15, 2011
Today, more and more people are finding themselves with blemished credit. Years ago borrowers were accustom to dealing with a real person behind the desk at their local bank but in this electronic age most credit requests are determined by a computer

Jan 14, 2011
Contrary to popular belief, most payday loan borrowers are not uneducated, under achieved or underprivileged people. The fact is that the typical payday loan or cash advance borrower are hard working, educated, regularly employed men and women.

Jan 14, 2011
Unlike pawn shops who charge high interest rates and collateralize your loan with your personal property, payday loan and cash advance lenders usually charge more nominal fees and don't collateralize your loan at all.

Jan 14, 2011
There are many misconceptions about payday loan and cash advance lenders. Contrary to many people's opinion, payday loan and cash advance lenders do not exploit credit challenged families, but actually assist them.

Jan 14, 2011
Although all cash advance lenders are regulated by the same state requirements, not all cash advance lenders are the same.

Jan 13, 2011
True facts about payday loan and the help they give to needed consumer in financial difficulties.

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