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Mar 19, 2009
Hawaii recognizes neurodegenerative harm by artificial sweetener/formaldehyde found in Diet Cokes, Sugarless Gum, Equal; you could write in support to Margaret Hamburg, M.D., FDA Commissioner, 5400 Fisher's Lane, Rockville Md.,

Feb 15, 2009
Legislative Deadline Draws Near, and Senate Health Committee Chairman David Ige appears to Kill Vital Consumer Protection Bill by Letting the Clock Run Out without Scheduling the Bill for a Hearing in his Committee, an old and unacceptable trick!

Feb 13, 2009
New Mexico Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino writes to FDA Acting Commissioner Torti: "Take Aspartame off the Market," based on his New Mexico Resolution and even stronger Bills to Ban Aspartame in both houses of the Hawaii Legislature, to protect consumers

Oct 24, 2008
"OBAMA WINS!" First American Newspaper with this Headline, 10 days before Election Day: Our Endorsement for the New Mexico Sun News, plus a compendium of the best in the United States, a total of the most important 40 Editorial Page Endorsements

Aug 15, 2008
A shocking story from Kerala, one of India's most progressive states revealing truths that Church authorities, never want to admit about sexual, psychological, and physical abuse; we must not let them sweep this under the bureaucratic rug and forget!

Aug 05, 2008
With this great a sense of humor, maybe she has a chance?

Aug 03, 2008
Violation of USA "Freedom of the Press," when the only black reporter at event in Florida kicked out of event while reporting for Tallahassee Democrat; Mc Cain's staff: "I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that race had nothing to do with it."

Aug 02, 2008
USA taxpayer dollars are funding activities that result in Iranians being killed and wounded and Iranian property destroyed -- acts of war.

Jul 30, 2008
Largest US "organic" grocery chain, already under seige from California for Carcinogens in Body Care Products, faces very serious legal challenge in DC Appeals Court ruling that merger must go back to lower court, as Federal Trade Commision requested

Jul 22, 2008
A sharp piercing political analysis: some long range Presidential reflections, some advice for Barack Obama on International Politics, Ending the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Giving Back an Economic Future to the American People

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