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Sep 19, 2019
Jose Franco's book brings attention to the things we don't think we're bad at, helps individuals work through the unconscious resistance

Sep 11, 2019
This book is dedicated to Donald Trump, a man I love since God is divine Love, and everyone in his or her true being is the immortal expression of Love.

Sep 06, 2019
Americans overwhelmingly prefer the principle of private property — that wealth belongs to those who produce it. The reasons are pragmatic. Before an economy can have a distribution problem, there must be a product to be distributed.

Sep 03, 2019
Despite his wife's opposition, life coach Jose Franco started collecting signatures to run for President of The US. Jose specializes in time management, sports training, mental mindset and teaching economics in simple terms.

Aug 22, 2019
How To Rid Yourself Of Negative Political Energy During Trump's Political Circus

Aug 17, 2019
"The Stories I Tell Myself" by Jose Franco teaches self reflection and how to avoid distractions (ie. recognize and ignore divide and conquer strategies between the government and the people)

Aug 05, 2019
Puerto Ricans Have To Take A Look At Themselves In The Mirror After Governor's Resignation

Jul 22, 2019
It's not what you say, it's what you do and how you live your life that matters. Model the behavior you want for your kids and the rest will take care of itself.

Jul 18, 2019
We Interviewed Brooklynite Alex Marshall who has written three books on infrastructure: How Cities Work: Suburbs, Sprawl and the Roads Not Taken, The Surprising Design of Market Economies and Beneath the Metropolis: The Secret Lives of Cities.

Jul 16, 2019
Is Jose Franco, owner of Stoop Juice Machiavelli Or Hamilton?

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