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An unlikely love story set during the final collapse of medieval Islamic Spain
May 14, 2018
"Extensively researched and beautifully written, Cressler's novel leads us into an exotic world of love, ghosts, intrigue, and betrayal. A must-read for all lovers of historical fiction." - Joan Fallon, author of the Al-Andalus Series

Behind the lines in Vietnam -- 50 years ago
May 08, 2018
What could keep a soldier from telling his Vietnam story for nearly 50 years? What secret could stop a compelling tale from being told? Maybe this: he had a fascinatingly good time.

The Lurking Man movie has won 93 awards on the film festival circuit
May 03, 2018
"I will pull every emotion out of you in this book. Guaranteed. I will make you happy, sad, hopeful, let down, lifted up, angry and wanting more." - Keith Rommel

Florida furniture salesman pens novel and signs movie deal
Apr 29, 2018
"The Lurking Man" movie has been released and has garnered many awards. Salesman and author Keith Rommel awaits big payday.

Finding a sense of self and God in a journey to India
Apr 17, 2018
"India was heaven and hell. India was my heart learning how to make room for more." ~ Susan Kiskis

"Paterno" movie is more fiction than fact
Apr 10, 2018
Movie fails to mention use of discredited repressed memory therapy to boost witness claims. McQueary shower incident also misrepresented according to Pendergrast book.

The life of "Gettysburg Eddie" Plank, Hall-of-Fame baseball pitcher recounted
Apr 10, 2018
Adams County native was one of the stars of Connie Mack's Philadelphia Athletics

Threading Love to host the authors of "A Short Season"
Apr 06, 2018
Progeria (rapid premature aging) affects less than 100 people worldwide

Philly's forgotten 70s Rock 'n' Roll trio once performed with music great
Apr 05, 2018
New biography of Philadelphia band BANG who hit it big in the early 1970s

Mystery of the lost island of Christopher Columbus is solved!
Jun 06, 2017
Sunbury Press has released "The Lost Island of Columbus," Keith A. Pickering's well-researched history of the place of Columbus's landfall in 1492.

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