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Rabid Philanderers, Inc. aims to save marriages by facilitating affairs
Jan 26, 2016
Sunbury Press has released "Rabid Philanderers, Inc.," Nancy Williams' suspense thriller with a romantic twist.

Derry Greene tackles terrorist group Council for Restored Nations
Jan 25, 2016
Sunbury Press has released "Irish Spring," Jack Adler's third installment in the Derry Greene thriller series.

Former CIA deep cover operative called into action to secure oil supply in Africa
Jan 21, 2016
Sunbury Press has released "Choice of Enemies," M. A. Richards' first Nathan Monsarrat spy thriller.

Money and mental illness – new memoir on achieving success and overcoming bipolar disorder
Jan 20, 2016
Sunbury Press has released John E. Wade II’s memoir "The Bipolar Millionaire."

"Keeper of the Crows" is the top Sunbury bestseller for December
Jan 07, 2016
Sunbury Press has released the bestsellers list for December, 2015. Kyle Alexander Romine took the top spot with his horror novel "Keeper of the Crows."

Brother and sister flee with mysterious blue stone from coal mine -- authorities in pursuit
Dec 30, 2015
Sunbury Press has released "From Blue Ground," Joe Harvey's historical YA novel about a brother and sister trying to solve the mystery of their late father's murder.

American general turns coat -- security jeopardized -- Washington issues death sentence
Dec 28, 2015
Sunbury Press has released "Perilous Journey: The Two Faces of Benedict Arnold," the late Ted Brusaw's historical novel about the Revolutionary War accomplishments of the controversial general.

Dr. Arif Shaikh offers 365 healing tips for the mind, body, and soul
Dec 27, 2015
Sunbury Press has released "Healing Tips for the Mind, Body, and Soul" by Arif M. Shaikh, MD.

Body of Wamponaug Indian dragged from under the ice at Assowampsett Pond near Plymouth
Dec 24, 2015
Sunbury Press has released "The Savage Apostle," John Kachuba's historical novel, set in 1675 Massachusetts.

What do Babe Ruth, Anne Bancroft, and Soupy Sales have in common? Gotham Graves
Dec 20, 2015
Sunbury Press has released "Gotham Graves Volume One," Joe Farrell and Joe Farley's first volume in their new series about famous people buried around New York City..