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Apr 15, 2010
On 04/14/2010 Thomas A. Rothstein announced their plans to take The Alternative Funding Group public in 2010 and make shares available through selected Funds.

Mar 09, 2010
Finding a good Hard Money Lender can lead to a very profitable partnership and one that can truly be life changing.

Feb 23, 2010
Having a really good consulting as part of your executive coaching team can be worth its weight in gold.

Feb 14, 2010
There is nothing worse than having an office full of bad attitudes, and what is commonly known as office mess

Feb 14, 2010
Although electronic reservation systems are extremely convenient, there is still the risk of catastrophic system failures.

Feb 11, 2010
If you’re getting 1000 visitors a day to your website but all of the clicks are from a robot then you have just wasted your hard earned money.

Feb 08, 2010
Please remember that as a manager you are also judged on your ability to train and retain your company's number one asset, your staff. What makes you the boss is not your ability to fire, but rather having the ability to fire yet choosing to inspire.

Feb 08, 2010
Agility, endurance, and overall physical fitness can be achieved and maintained regardless of your age.

Feb 08, 2010
Thomas A. Rothstein lectures on youthful living

Feb 08, 2010
One of the many challenges in developing a healthier body has nothing to do with the physical aspect, but everything to do with the mental struggle.

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